Apply For Ownership

The ownership at Rep Army will be chosen from the community of applicants at Lady Capital, Inc. Are you skilled in the profession and/or have the ability to service our community in your region(s)?

Lady Capital, Inc. is establishing wood, metal, and production teams in multiple regions of the United States. Those teams will shortly develop into the brands viewed at Lady Capital, Inc. Rep Army is one of those brands. Those chosen for ownership will not only be partners of their specific brand of interest, the selected owners will participate in ownership of all brands moving forward. 

Currently, we are establishing production teams in each reach to further support all brands in the days ahead.

Below are a few links to choose from: a portal leading to ownership or regional exclusivity application, a downloadable .pdf file reviewing some of the equipment/support available to those selected for ownership, a notifications only selection, or a link to Lady Capital, Inc. for additional details:

Application Notifications